Virtual Learning

When on-site training is not possible, Mind the GAAP provides engaging internet-based training sessions. We have delivered accounting-related courses for audiences of all backgrounds, ranging in size from small groups to nearly a thousand participants. Mind the GAAP virtual training sessions make liberal use of gamification to foster the learning.

For some businesses, providing on-demand, self-study training courses is the most cost-effective approach in meeting a company’s training needs. Mind the GAAP has built critically-acclaimed web-based training for accounting and non-finance professionals alike.

We can provide your organization with an objective analysis of the pros and cons of a self-study or blended training approach. If you decide that e-learning is right for your organization, Mind the GAAP will work with developers to create engaging and informative content, as well as assessments that are compliant with NASBA standards.  See the following examples for excerpts from two of our e-Learning courses.

Training Course Excerpt #1 (Business Ethics)

Training Course Excerpt #2 (Auditing)

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