Special Projects

Companies outsource when they do not have the skills, or time, to manage successful completion of important assignments.

Mind the GAAP can perform accounting-related services when others cannot. We remain neutral and independent.

Our clients consistently find that we complete these projects to the highest quality standards, on-time and on-budget.

Eye on Growth

Recently, Mind the GAAP has helped certain growth-oriented accounting firms create their first formal national offices.  These projects involved developing and training internal talent on technical accounting analysis, as well as designing sustainable infrastructure and processes.es.

Special Projects We Helped Complete

  • Developing models to allocate offering proceeds between debt and warrants
  • Preparing analyses to support the accounting effects of stock option modifications
  • Creating pro-forma financial statements following a business combination
  • Calculating whether amendments to a company’s financing arrangements result in a debt extinguishment or an insignificant modification
  • Managing a conversion to International Financial Reporting Standards, including identifying all differences between local GAAP and IFRS
  • Developing web-based accounting policy manuals

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