Consulting & Advisory

Every material business event must be reported in the financial statements. But with thousands of pages of U.S. GAAP, IFRS, and SEC guidelines, it can be difficult to determine the proper accounting treatment.

Mind the GAAP coaches companies through the maze of accounting literature, and helps develop position papers to support the conclusions reached.

Perhaps most importantly, Mind the GAAP can review draft documents and identify potential accounting issues before a transaction is finalized.

Mind the GAAP works collaboratively with companies and their auditors on judgmental accounting matters. Our goal is to help all parties resolve differences of opinion, and arrive at operational solutions that are faithful to the economics of the transaction and compliant with the accounting regulations.

Recent Consultation Examples

  • Evaluating the presentation (gross vs. net) and recognition of revenue from a collaboration agreement
  • Clarifying the accounting requirements for lease terminations, employee severance arrangements, and other exit activities
  • Assessing whether an interest rate swap qualifies for simplified hedge accounting by private companies
  • Determining whether an operation represents a variable interest entity
  • Ascertaining whether warrants issued in a financing arrangement should be equity or liability-classified
  • Calculating the incremental compensation cost from modifications of share-based payment awards
  • Analyzing whether a divestiture should be presented as a discontinued operation

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